Wedding Album Designs

Davidson Duo Book…

We are announcing our newest album offering, a Queensberry Duo Book and it is going to be AMAZING if I do say so myself… This book will have a custom Vanilla Bean Leather cover, complete with custom image strip down the side of the front. Duos are our newest signature product. This type of book enables us to combine Matted and Digital pages in the same album, and to bleed images out to the edge of matted pages on one or more sides. Duo albums have no corners or edging. This album combines contemporary style with the elegance of classical techniques.This is by far the classiest album I have seen and I cannot wait to get our studio sample in! This is going to be one of those books you have to see (and feel it) in person to really grasp the beauty of it. Those New Zealanders really know how to craft books, that’s for sure 🙂

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Photography by Jonathan Burton Photography

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